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Maruman Mnemosyne Today's Act Note Pad Review


Maruman Mnemosyne Today’s Act Note Pad

Good friend of this website, Brad from The Pen Addict and now with JetPens recently sent over some stuff for me to take a look at and review, including this awesome little “to do” notepad called the Maruman Mnemosyne Today’s Act Note Pad.  I first saw the line of Maruman Mnemosyne notebooks when Brad did his first post about working from home in his new job with JetPens, and I knew that I had to eventually get one to give a try.  The pen you see there for size comparison is a Pelikan M205 demonstrator.


Maruman Mnemosyne Today’s Act Note Pad Inside Cover

When you open up the black polypropylene cover of the notebook there is a bright yellow paper that explains that Mnemosyne was the Greek goddess of memory.  Behind this sheet, the Maruman Mnemosyne Today’s Act notebook holds 80 perforated sheets of A6 size (4.1″ x 5.8″) super smooth white paper.  Each sheet has light gray rulings on the front only for your to do lists, and instead of one check box to indicate a completed task, there are two check boxes.  All of this is held together by a nice double coil spiral wire binding.


Maruman Mnemosyne Today’s Act Note Pad Open

The back side of the yellow page gives you a good look at the page formatting and how it is intended to be used.  In the sample there (click on the photo for a larger image) they show that the first set of check boxes to the left of each line is used to number your tasks, while the second small box is the actual “check” box to indicate completion of a task.  Personally, I will be using this differently, because I often have tasks in my daily job where I create some documentation and have to work with another person to finalize it.  In those cases (which are pretty frequent) I now have the ability to use the first check box as a way to indicate that I’ve sent off my document to a partner to review and finalize, then once i get it back with their updates I can check off the second box.  In the past I’ve used a system of a dash “-” to indicate that my portion was done, and then I’d turn the “-” into a plus “+” sign once I had the completed document back.  The dual check boxes on the Maruman Mnsmosyne Today’s Act note Pad makes it much easier to scan down the list quickly to identify which tasks only have step one of two completed.


Maruman Mnemosyne Today’s Act Writing Sample

The scan of the writing sample above is admittedly hard to pick up the lines on, so if you click on the third photo in this review, you can see the lines much better there.  The reason for showing the scan of the writing sample though is to show how great the ink wrote on this paper.  I used the Pelikan M205 that you see in the photos with the note pad, and it was loaded with Topaz Edelstein Ink.  The high quality paper in the Today’s Act note pad handled the ink beautifully, there was no feathering, no bleeding, and no show through.  The fact that there was no show through makes me wonder though why there would only be to-do rule markings on the front of each page.  I would think that with paper quality this good, you would want to encourage people to write on both sides of the paper.

The Maruman Mnemosyne Today’s Act Note Pad is a fantastic little note pad that is beautiful in its simplicity, and the quality of the paper, cover, and coil binding is outstanding.  These are certainly worth checking out if you want a dedicated note pad for your “to-do” lists.

©2017, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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