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Masterstroke Airfoil Kickstarter Pen Review


The Masterstroke Airfoil Pen Has a Very Distinctive Rocket-like Look to It

The other day I was contacted by Grant regarding his new Kickstarter Masterstroke Airfoil pen project, and as usual I took him up on the offer to get a hands on with the pen for a review here.  In the above photo you can probably already get a sense of the unique look of this pen.


The Masterstroke Airfoil Pen Full Body Shot

I think the most distinctive looking aspect of this pen are the three long metal strips with the holes punched in them that make up the body.  I think they also help to convey the aviation inspired theme and look that this pen is modeled after.  I have to say that although I really love how this makes the pen look, it might also be its biggest downfall because the edges of those three strips have a bit of an edge to them.  They aren’t what I’d classify as being sharp, but they are definitely squared off edges that can quickly get a bit uncomfortable when writing with the pen.


Masterstroke Airfoil Pen Broken Down

The Masterstroke Airfoil pen breaks down pretty easily and you can see that it comes with a Monteverde ballpoint refill which is the same as the standard Cross ballpoint refill.  As I’m writing this I also just realized that I the stainless steel bolts and the way the pen rotates also reminds me of a Gatling gun which is a pretty terrifying weapon that has in the past been mounted on aircraft.  That is a little off track now, but the pen just pulls apart when you need to replace the refill.


Masterstroke Airfoil Pen Cupped Back

Surprisingly, the pen is very well balanced when writing, and I have to imagine that the strips of metal that make up the body and the concave back of the pen help to achieve that balance.  The body of the Masterstroke Airfoil pen really is awesome to look at and I’ve really not seen another pen that has such a unique look.  The writing performance is what you would expect from a standard ballpoint refill though.  Overall I really wish the edges of those metal strips were a bit smoother because it would really make this a more comfortable pen to write with.  I do have to say though that Grant who is running this project on Kickstarter has been very responsive to the feedback that he has received so far, so maybe there will be some additional changes to come.

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