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Matching skill: classic black chanel 2.55 flap purse with victoria silvstedt

  • By Means Elizabeth L
  • Published 03/24/2011
  • Fiction

If you are among the fashion addicts, you won’t miss any steet snaps of those celebrities and superstars, from which you can get some new ideas of dressing yourself fabulously or on the other hand, you can learn what not the wear sometimes. Often we chase after the the branded bags the stars are carrying. When we come to bags, it is quite a difficult job for us to count how many times we’ve seen celebs carrying Chanel bags in pictures of fashion magazines. Not everyone bothers to deck herself in the vintage fashion of Kristin Callavari at Malandrino party, yet everyone will consider it a good thing to carry a black beaded strapped Chanel 2.55 flap bag to match assorted modern chic cocktail dresses. This is the subject of Chanel 2.55. When you can’t come up with a nice designer handbag that won’t cause you fashion trouble for ever, you can just go and pick the black Chanel 2.55 flap purse. Don’t you believe it’s the golden rule in fashion realm? Of course I’m not saying that Victoria Silvstedt’s satin cocktail dress looks too bad to match her black Chanel 2.55. Her ensemble is fine yet uninspiring. In thousands of red-carpet cases we can’t be more familiar with the universally applied black Chanel 2.55 flap bag. To celebs or supermodels whose biggest advantages are curve and figure, they are inclined to sport firey red banquet frock and tote a glittering beaded strapped black Chanel quilted flap purse. This way is at least unmistakable, sometimes it even greets me with drop-dead gorgeous red-carpet pictures. For instance, Lauren Pemington Platt’s ensemble at Chanel Tribecca Film Festival Dinner is the best statement. However, people can be simply interested in this pairing way before they witness how vintage and refreshing Kristin Callavari’s collared lace shirt and high-waisted Parisienne toned trousers can get and how demure Victoria Beckham’s white collared monochrome checker dress and semiring-shaped handled Chanel quilted flap bag are.



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