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Materials: Glass

  • By Alexandra Thomas
  • Published 07/17/2012

We all have glass within our homes, from table tops and display cabinets to vases and mirrors. This normally transparent material is also becoming increasingly used in the fabric of the building with rooflights, staircases and bi-fold doors becoming ever more popular as people try to bring more light into their homes.


Glass, of course, most often appears in its clear form, however, it can be made into any colour of the spectrum, and both glass furniture and decorative items are available in many colours. The Normann Copenhagen Swing Vase is a fine example, which comes in red and green as well as in white and black.

Modern furniture

Whilst there are many classic items of furniture which use glass such as the iconic coffee table by Isamu Noguchi, there are also many new designers such as Tom Faulkner using the material to produce stunning modern furniture.


Mirrors and ornaments are prime examples of glass being used to accessorise the home. Mirrors reflect light and, therefore, can do a fantastic job of lightening and brightening your home. Glass ornaments can be used separately or grouped together with complementary or contrasting looks to create beautiful and textural displays, and work well when paired with other materials.

Kitchen and bathroom

There is a multitude of ways to use glass within the kitchen, from glass walls and tiles, shelving and cabinet doors, to splashbacks and worktops. Long established methods of using glass within bathrooms, such as shower screens and mirrors, as well as bathroom accessories including soap dishes, etc. demonstrate how appropriate a material it is in rooms typically on the small side. Privacy can always be maintained via sandblasting or frosting.

Outside spaces

There is no need to be restricted to home interiors – glass can also be used in the garden, with glass often made use of in water features, exterior lighting and decorative accessories.

About the Author: Features editor for Furnish.co.uk Alexandra Thomas takes a look at how glass can lighten and brighten our interior spaces from ornaments and chandeliers to modern furniture.



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