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Max Colored Staples that Actually Work


Max Colored Staples Front Side

We have tried multiple times here to find some colored staples that actually work and hold the color on the staples once they are actually stapled with.  As you can see in some of our previous reviews here and here you can see that colored staples tend to have the color flake off once you actually use them.  Before we go much further into our review of these Max Colored Staples, I want to mention that these were sent to us free of charge from our friends at JetPens.  This is part of an arrangement that we have with them which allows us to do reviews and to support the monthly giveaway of the $25 JetPens gift card.


Max Colored Staples Front Side

One important thing to note is that these are not standard size staples, and they are a noticeably smaller #10 mini staples, so they will not fit in your standard size staples.  You might wonder what stapler I used with these, but I’m going to intentionally ignore that question.  We will have a review of the stapler coming up on Friday this week.  Try not to let the suspense kill you, although it is a pretty unique stapler so you will want to check back to see it.

As you can see in the photos above, the staples show almost no color flaking once they have been stapled with.  This is a drastic difference from our other reviews where the colors flaked significantly.  I cant speak for the other colors I guess, but these green ones definitely behave very nicely.  This package we have featured here is a pack of  1000, which at the rate in which I use them should last me about 250 years.  In terms of stapling capacity, I was able to get these through about 8-10 sheets of paper depending on the weight of the paper.  You do also have to keep in mind that part of that capacity also has to do with the power behind the stapler you are using.

Thanks again to our friends at JetPens for providing these Max Colored Staples.  Its a great reminder that anytime you need a unique or hard to find office supply product, you should definitely check out what JetPens has to offer in their awesome selection.

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