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MAX Sakuri Flat Stapler Review


MAX Sakuri Flat Stapler Package

Its scary how well Amazon knows me, they suggested this MAX Sakuri Flat Stapler “based upon my shopping trends” which I guess consists of random cool office supplies.  I’m glad they did suggest it though, because its a pretty unique little stapler.


MAX Sakuri Flat Stapler Side View

The MAX Sakuri Flat Stapler is a pretty tiny entry into the stapler market at only about 3.25 inches from end to end, 2.5 inches high, and about 1 inch wide.  It compares pretty favorably to the PaperPro Nano that we reviewed in the past.


MAX Sakuri Flat Stapler vs PaperPro Nano Side

Here is a quick side by side view of the MAX Sakuri Flat Stapler and the PaperPro Nano.  YOu can see that they are about the same length, but the PaperPro is slightly shorter.  Its worth noting while I’m comparing the two that the PaperPro Nano uses standard size staples and the MAX Sakuri Flat Stapler uses a much smaller No. 10 staple.


MAX Sakuri Flat Stapler Staple Compartment

One of the cool features of the MAX Sakuri Flat Stapler is that although it can hold about 75 No.10 size staples in the main arm of the stapler, it can also hold another 100 staples in the little compartment on top of the arm.  So overall you can have about 175 staples ready to go at all times.  The compartment door snaps shut pretty firmly too so there is no need to worry about spilling your extra staples by mistake.


MAX Sakuri Flat Stapler Staple Counter

The other really cool feature on this stapler that you may not really use THAT often is still a nice little touch.  Its got a little counter on the stapler arm to show you how many staples you have left in there.  Kind of like the ink window on a pen body.


MAX Sakuri Flat Stapler All Metal Construction

Not that the type of materials used in the body are really a “feature” but its nice to see that they went with such a good and hardy selection of materials to construct this compact stapler.  Lots of metal for the innards and moving parts that give it a very sturdy feel.  The stapling mechanism itself is also engineered to reduce the amount of force required to press down and staple your documents.


MAX Sakuri Flat Stapler Staple Remover

Something that I’d say is a necessity on a stapler with such small staples like this is a staple remover, and luckily the MAX Sakuri Flat Stapler has a small staple remover built right in the back end of it.  The staple remover is that little metal rounded tab that you see on the back bottom in the picture above.


MAX Sakuri Flat Stapler Lay Flat (right) Standard Stapler Left

In my opinion, the best feature of the MAX Sakuri Flat Stapler is hinted at by the name that you have now read a few times in this review.  That word “Flat” isn’t just in there for kicks.  Instead of having the staples curl a bit when you staple a sheet of paper with them, the staples actually flatten out a bit more which allows them to lay flatter when you have a stack of stapled papers.    The photo above shows two identical size stacks of paper that were stapled with two different staplers.  The stack on the left (8 packets of 4 sheets each) was stapled with a standard stapler while the same stack of eight 4 sheet packets of paper on the right was stapled with the MAX Sakuri Flat Stapler.  You can see the obvious impact of having staples that compress a little flatter when used.  The stack on the right lays flatter which obviously lets you store your stapled papers in a much more compact way and makes stacking them easier too.  I always get annoyed when stacking a pile of stapled papers when they start to slide because of the height of the stapled corner.  The MAX Sakuri Flat Stapler will make reaching that point take much more time.  Check it out over on Amazon if you do a lot of stapling, or if you just want a compact little stapler that has some great features.

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