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Maximising Your Article Writing Efforts

  • By Chris Kennelly
  • Published 01/29/2010
  • Article Writing

One has to step back and decide upon what they want to accomplish when it comes to article writing and submission to the many article directories available. Some provide that it is purely from a link building perspective whilst others are adamant that the quality of the content will certainly be revealed in the traffic that is generated from the submitted material. Both of these scenarios have valid points, but why not combine the two strategies to maximise your time and effort when it comes to article writing, and essentially marketing your product and service to the hordes of information hungry article readers. After all if you will be doing the work then one should do it right the first time around, and not have to redo anything over again, if the simple editorial rules and guidelines are followed.

Speaking of the rules and guidelines, when it comes to article writing, anyone who has been involved with article marketing for a while will know that the directories have followed suit with regards to improving upon the quality of the content that is held within their directories. This is in fact a great benefit to all concerned, as the reader will be exposed to valuable and helpful information, which has the resultant effect of a more targeted click through to the site being ‘marketed’ than if the content is a load of duplicated garb

age, which will most likely not attract any interested people anyway. The basics of the article writing exercise starts with the grammar and punctuation of your content, and should be presented in as much a professional manner as possible. In addition to this everyone knows that you may be presenting an offer or product, but this should determine the content that you are producing, that comes later within the author’s bio area. The body of content should aim to address the needs or problem of the reader, and hence your product or service will provide the solution. How one goes about this will certainly determine the click through rate, and the success of your efforts here. One of the best ways to go about effective article writing, is to consider the content that you have produced and determine whether you would be ‘converted’ by the message that you have written, or does the content reflect an inadequate level of knowledge or professional. This may represent the one and only chance of creating a positive first impression with a potential customer, so you have to make it count.

Although some of the article ‘gurus’ state that articles can be written in a couple of minutes, which may well be true; to provide an outstanding piece of content may take a little longer and may require a couple of revisions. Bear in mind that this tactic is one of the most cost effective and the more you make it count, the higher your return on investment.



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