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Maximizing Your Article Writing Efforts

  • By Chris Kennelly
  • Published 08/4/2009
  • Article Writing

One of the main benefits of the article writing process is that the submission of these articles to the numerous directories offers you the opportunity of generating an amount of free traffic to your website, and more importantly this traffic is targeted and possibly looking to purchase what you have to offer. You should however ensure that your articles have certain qualities and adhere to certain rules in order to not only be accepted by the editorial staff, but to entice the reader and motivate them to take action in terms of encouraging the traffic to your site, as well as the potential purchase of products or services you have on offer. Therefore during the article writing process, you will want to produce good quality content, that is relevant to your product and site, that you can use as an article to submit to the directories or even as content on your own site. This high quality content will ensure that you retain the attention of the reader and should lead to that call to action, so that you may generate a sale from that captive audience, albeit via the directories or your own site.

The issue of keywords in article writing has changed somewhat, so much so that some directories will decline the submission of your article if it is too keyword rich, meani

ng that the amount of times that the keyword or keyword phrase exceeds a certain density, which is about two percent on average. You will therefore want to ensure that you remain below this density, which will also ensure that a more natural appearance of the writing occurs, which in turn will ensure a higher quality article. Therefore the keywords, keyword density and the content of the article are extremely important to you and your business in the article writing process. Effectively these efforts will generate additional traffic for you as well as help in the ranking of you site in search engine results pages. This would in fact be our ultimate goal in achieving more traffic and higher rankings, so that we may achieve more success online.

Needless to say the issue of quality in the article writing process involves that correct use of grammar, spelling and so forth, bearing in mind that this very article that is submitted across the internet is effectively a representative of your business that is available twenty four hours a day, and you would surely want a well groomed and presentable product representing you in your absence. Therefore whether you not you do your own article writing, you have to ensure that the quality that is being posted out there is in line with your strategic goals and company direction, whilst ensuring that your efforts are being maximised.



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