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May 2016 Goldspot Fountain Pen Prize Pack Winner and a Huge Sale

We have our May 2016 Goldspot gift pack winner today, but first we have a huge sale from the folks over at FranklinPlanner that we wanted to share.  Its definitely worth checking out even if you aren’t looking for a planner because it includes some cool accessories that aren’t exclusive to their planning system like some electronics, pens, tablet accessories and bags.


Our winner of the monthly Goldspot Fountain Pen Prize pack for May is Derek Suckling.  I’ve always contemplated what would happen if we had repeat winners for giveaways, but never came to a real decision. In Derek’s case, the last time he won was almost 4 years ago and it wasn’t on this same giveaway so I’m definitely cool with the 4 year gap between wins.  So congrats to Derek, and hopefully he collects on this prize as he did on the Sharpie Brush pens that he won!  Derek, if you are reading, just get in touch via the About/Contact link below and we can get you started on picking out your prize!  Thanks as always to all who participate and support our sponsors who make these awesome giveaways possible!

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