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May 2016 JetPens Gift Card Winner and a Deal on Teaching Supplies

Before we announce our May JetPens gift card winner, I thought I’d share these pretty cool dry erase folders.  I don’t generally focus on teacher supplies, but between the fact that these are about 50% off right now on Amazon, and they seem pretty cool and useful for many purposes I thought I’d share them here.  They are basically large color coded folders that let you use a dry erase marker to write on the documents without actually writing on them.  Great for teachers obviously, but I’m sure there are a ton of other great uses out there for them, so at essentially half price its worth a shot, I’ve already ordered a few for myself to see what I can figure out with them.


And now for the announcement of our monthly JetPens gift card winner.  This month Heather Stephenson is our lucky winner!  If you are Heather, just shoot us an email using the contact us page, or reply to the email from us in your in-box so we can confirm everything and get you your gift card.

For the rest of you, now is a good time to check your bulk mail folders to ensure our emails aren’t hitting there.  We only send about two per month to everyone, but you don’t want to be one of those people that misses the announcement to come find out who won each month.  If you haven’t yet signed up for the twice monthly giveaway you can see the details and do so here.

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