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May 2017 Giveaway Winner


I had to sneak in the May giveaway winner before the month ended, so here we are today for that announcement.  But first a quick heads up that this electric eraser similar to one we reviewed in the past is on sale for only $4.75 over on Amazon, not a huge total dollar savings but its almost 50% off the normal $9 price it usually hovers around.  These thins are great workhorses for big or frequent erasing jobs, or just for the novelty of having one. If you want to look forward to and have fun erasing things, grab one here on Amazon!


For this month’s giveaway, I figured I’d part ways with my fairly new Lamy Safari in Petrol with a medium nib.  So if your name is Thomas Kim and you live in a state known for Oil (ironic because of the name of the color for this version of the Safari) today is your lucky day! Just get in touch using the “About / Contact” link below and we will get your pen on its way to you!  For those of you who still haven’t signed up to win one of our two monthly giveaways, you can do so right here!

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