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Mazda and Cartakeback teamup for value

  • By Anthony Blascara
  • Published 12/29/2011

Mazda Motors UK has teamed up with the UK’s largest car recycling network, Cartakeback, to offer £500 off a new Mazda when customers scrap their old car.

Peter Allibon, sales director for Mazda UK explained the concept: “This offer is not only exciting for our customers, but supports our sustainable Zoom Zoom strategy. While we are working hard on reducing the environmental impact of our cars with the introduction of Mazda’s groundbreaking SKYACTIV Technology, where each new model over the next decade will deliver class-leading fuel consumption and significantly lower CO2 emissions, we feel it is important to help customers take their old cars off the road now.”

“Cartakeback fits in perfectly with our values by providing a professional, responsible recycling service starting with the collection of the car. After a thorough de-pollution and recycling process, Cartakeback provides a DVLA Certificate of Destruction, releasing our customers of any liability.”

Graham Price, managing director of Cartakeback said: “While our national network of Authorised Treatment Facilities provides a superb service, we are constantly looking for ways to reward Cartakeback’s customers for making the responsible decision to recycle their old car with us.

We are thrilled with Mazda’s generous offer, which gives customers much more value than that of their scrap car alone, and the opportunity to choose one of their stylish, innovative cars with this compelling offer. Customers should also bear in mind this scrapping offer is in addition to Mazda’s other great offers – see http://www.mazda.co.uk/showroom/offers/”.

With the Government-led scrappage scheme now consigned to the history books, this partnership between Mazda and Cartakeback offers a lifeline to people with cars that are a bit too past it to sell on privately.

Will the scrappage scheme ever be reinstated to the UK? Fingers crossed, but at least Mazda owners can rest easy if it doesn’t.

About the Author: Anthony Blascara is a writer and fan of the scrappage scheme.



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