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Me & My BIG Ideas Levenger Circa Compatible


A few weeks ago I mentioned the big sale on these Me and My BIG Idea disc bound pages (via Amazon) that are compatible with the Levenger Circa system.  I figured I’d give a brief update now that I have them in my hands and have had a chance to test them out.


This package that I picked up came with 20 sheets of ruled paper with a date space on the top as well as 20 sheets of grid paper.  Each of the sheets is pre-punched with 9 mushroom shaped slots that are designed for a disc binding system.  Each of the sheets measures 9.25 inches by 7 inches.


The big question with any disc binding system, is if it is compatible with the Levenger Circa system which is the cream of the crop in terms of disc binding systems.  In the case of these Me & My BIG Ideas filler sheets, they definitely work flawlessly with the Circa system.  The only issue I had was that I don’t have a notebook that is 9 discs in length to test this out in.

Me & My BIG Ideas Paper Fountain Pen Writing Sample:


I have to say I was impressed with the Me & My BIG Ideas paper.  As you can see above it handled fountain pen ink perfectly.  No feathering, no skipping, no spread, it just holds the ink perfectly.  As for any show through, well its non-existent.  I would have scanned the back of the sheet but there was literally no show through at all.  This was actually quite surprising to be honest.


I’m pretty surprised and impressed with the Me & My BIG Ideas paper, if this size works for you, its definitely worth checking out.  They also offer other formats so you can check those out too.  Start with this pack of refills (via Amazon) and work your way from there to see what else is available from them that is Levenger Circa compatible.

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