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Mead Recycled Notebook Review


Mead Recycled Notebook

I’ve been feeling like a bit of a notebook snob lately so when I saw this Mead 100% Recycled notebook on Amazon, I thought Id check it out.  Mead notebooks were pretty much the staple of my high school and college career, so I figured there had to be something good about them, right?


The Mead Recycled Notebook with Embossed Cover

One of the things that grabbed my attention about this Mead recycled notebook was the cool design of the cover.  They come in multiple and mostly earth tone colors, but each of the covers has a nice square embossed pattern on it.  I actually thought I had ordered the Ginger or orange cover, but it looks like I had mistakenly clicked on the Terra Cotta or tan version instead.  This one is probably the most bland one of the bunch, so I’m a bit annoyed that I wasnt paying attention.  The basic features of the notebook include a double coil binding system, and 100% recycled paper fiber with perforated edges and college ruling.


Mead Recycled Notebook Writing Sample

Most of the writing that I did in this notebook over the last few days was with a Medium Point Sharpie Pen, which as you can see in the writing sample performed pretty nicely on this recycled notebook paper.  By the way, the notebook paper here is 100% recycled and 30% of it is post consumer waste.  Of the other pens I tried, they all preformed very well except for my fountain pen and my Uniball Vision Elite.  Each of those last two pens spread really badly on the paper, and also showed through to the other side pretty clearly.

Summary of the Mead Recycled Notebook.

This notebook performs well, and with some of the more popular and regularly used pens, you wont have any issues.  It certainly wouldn’t be a great option for any kind of liquid based ink pens, or fountain pens.  If you decide to grab one of these Mead 100% Recycled notebooks, just do yourself a favor and pay attention to the color that you select so you don’t get stuck with one you don’t like.

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