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Medical negligence most common cases that come under personal injury law

  • By Cathy Warden
  • Published 05/23/2012

Under personal injury law, most of the time cases related to medical negligence causes are seen. These cases occurs either due to the negligence of the hospital authority or due to the negligence of the doctor. There are actually numerous factors that lead to the occurrence of such cases.

    Ø Surgical error

    Ø Physician’s fault for inappropriate diagnosis of the disease.

    Ø Negligence in taking proper care of the patient while is staying in the office.

    Ø Improper medication

These are some of the factors responsible for such cases. As a result, the doctor or the medical authority is asked to pay compensation to the patient for the health injury he goes through. In worse situation, wrongful death may also occur.

What actions the patient or the patient’s family should take?

In the entire above discussed situations, the patient or his family should take legal action against the responsible authority. They should first send a legal notice asking the authority to pay the compensation amount within a given period of time. This compensation amount should cover up the medical expense that the victim has to go through. If the authority refuses to pay the amount or ignores the notice, the victim or his family can file a case against the authority. The case will then be preceded to the court. However, to place the case in front of the court, the victim needs to appoint personal injury attorney to do the work.

How do personal injury attorneys handle such case?

These attorneys are specialized in handling personal injury cases. They first discuss the case details with the victim or his family. In this meeting, the attorney also makes it a point to make the victim understand various legal proceedings attached with this case. The attorney then investigates the case personally by going through the medical reports to gather evidence. This investigation also helps them to point out the loopholes within the case. Once all these work gets over, these attorney starts working properly. During this procedure, the attorney ensures that the victim’s right will be protected.

Places to locate experienced personal injury solicitors:-

Coral Gables has some of the best law firms out here. Check out these firms to located experienced Coral Gables personal injury attorney to take care of your compensation claim case. Before hiring such attorney check the background of the attorney to know about their working experience. Along with this, also check whether the attorney follows ‘no win no fee’ policy. If you have any query related to the case, clarify it with the appointed attorney so that you can win the case in your favor.

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