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Mediterranean Restaurant New York For an Experience of Great Seafood

  • By 1001 Nightsny
  • Published 11/9/2011
  • Satire

The freshly made tasty seafood is well loved by one and all. While there are many ways to make seafood, none compares to the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean ways. A Brooklyn Turkish Restaurant is very famous for its fresh seafood made in a Middle Eastern fashion. It may sound too ethnic or spicy or loaded with calories, but it is actually not so. It has a great Mediterranean touch to it. This Seafood Restaurant Brooklyn is a source of authentic Middle Eastern, Mediterranean food. It is famous not just for food but for the whole dining experience it offers.

This Mediterranean Restaurant New York is famous by the name of 1001 Nights Restaurant. It offers a wide range of seafood made in traditional fashion. The most notable among them being Trout, Bronzini and Dorado, all of them are fish delicacies with distinguished way of making. The other most loved items include lamb shish kebab, chicken dishes and salads. It is noteworthy that Middle Eastern food is rather healthy and is mostly grilled or baked without butter or oil. Even when some recipes need to be cooked with oil, it is minimal and olive oil is used which is well known for its health benefits.

1001 Nights Restaurant, the Middle Eastern Restaurant NYC has authentic traditional Mediterranean food with influences from Uzbek and Turkish way of making. The delectable recipes are prepared by world famous Chef who is a known authority in Continental food. This eating establishment is a famous Mediterranean Restaurant NYC that is well known food as well as the whole dining experience it offers. A highly pleasant and cheerful staff that is always happy to help, very comfortable traditional and nontraditional seating arrangements with live entertainment simply enhances the quotient of comfort and luxury here.

All of the above combined with a themed ambiance of a Middle Eastern camp with live belly dancers and hookah is what makes the visit here a memorable experience. Dining at this Brooklyn Turkish Restaurant is indeed an experience far removed from the routine and set in the lap of luxury.

by 1001 Nightsny


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