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Mediterranean Restaurant New York For Great Seafood in Brooklyn

  • By 1001 Nightsny
  • Published 02/1/2012
  • Writing for the Web

New York is a melting pot for many cultures from the world. It is here that you can find something of everything across the globe. Enterprising people from many regions have come and settled here. It is indeed one of the best places to experience cuisines from different parts of the world. Turkish Restaurant in NYC offers the taste of ethnic Middle Eastern food in the busy by lanes of New York. People come here to relish the jovialities of the taste and experience the reminiscence of an old culture.

Here in the Mediterranean Restaurant New York you not only enjoy a sumptuous feast but also a wholesomeness of typical ancient Middle Eastern hospitality. It is not just the food but also the whole dining experience that sets 1001 Nights restaurant apart from all the other places. At the Turkish Restaurant in NYC you are greeted by warm smiles of the friendly staff. As you settle in comfort for a chat, you are served with a relaxing hookah. Then, the first course of the delicious menu arrives. Starting with the appetizers like lamb shish kebab or other cold appetizers with salad etc. you can enjoy the beautiful belly dancing show.

Turkish Restaurant NYC offers finest delicacies from the land of legends. Here the atmosphere of 14th century desert travelers comes alive with the setting of curtains and walls depicting the famous stories of moral and bravery. It is a wholesome and a complete dining experience. From the non-vegetarian food like chicken and lamb to vegetarian dishes and salads, everything is unique. It is also hailed as one of the best Seafood Restaurant Brooklyn for the fresh grilled fish and other seafood recipes. Here, you will get all the authentic traditional dishes made with a modern tang.

The Mediterranean Restaurant NYC has the world famous chef who is known for his ability to artistically blend traditional and continental flavors in a rich savor of delightful recipes. The Turkish Restaurant NYC is situated at 35 Neptune Avenue in Brooklyn, where many people throng to enjoy the warm hospitality and fantastic taste of Middle Eastern food. by 1001 Nightsny


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