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Medium Point Sharpie Pen Review


The Sharpie Pen in Medium Point!

So the other day, one of my readers, wild violet asked me if I had seen the new Sharpie Pen Medium Point, so I immediately set out to find some so I could check them out and write-up a review.  Lucky for me they had a few available on Amazon, so I picked up the 4 Pack of Assorted Color Sharpie Pens in Medium, but they also have 12 packs of blue, red,  and black, as well as 4 packs of blue.


Close up of the Medium Point in Blue, Red, Black, and Green

The Sharpie Pen in medium point comes in the standard colors we have been seeing with most of the other versions, so you have red, blue, green, and black…I have not seen these in the purple and orange versions yet.


Comparison of the Sharpie Pen Medium (top) and Fine Point (bottom) Bodies

Visually, the Sharpie Pen with Medium Point has a few differences when compared to the fine point version.  The coloring of the body and Sharpie text on the medium point is reversed from the fine point, so the dark gray really sticks out.  In addition to the color swap, the colored band at the top of the body that indicates the color is a bit thicker on the medium, and so is the color indicator wave that runs down the length of the body.


Sharpie Pen Medium and Fin Points Close up

One last minor detail that you can see is that the medium has “MED” printed towards the top.  I wanted to share this photo so you could also see the difference between the point sizes.  Unfortunately the design of the body still has the sharp edge where the grip starts though, so for the way I hold it, it can get a little bit irritating on the finger.


Sharpie Pen Medium and Fine Point Writing Sample

I did some writing samples of the medium points and fine points to compare the widths and the colors, and while the widths were quite obviously different, the colors appeared to be very consistent, but click on the scan above to see for yourself.  I also did a quick water test and ran water over the whole sheet above, and there was absolutely no running or fading of the ink.

Something interesting that I did notice between the two different black versions of the Sharpie Pen was that the medium point had a very distinctive smell.  It wasn’t the same smell as a regular Sharpie, but it was similar.  I had two other people “test smell” it for me by having them smell ALL of the pens and tell me what they thought, and they both identified that it was only the medium point in black that had any smell.  Personally I thought it was a marker like smell, but the other two people seemed to think it had an aluminum/tin like smell, which I could also see.  It was not an overbearing smell, however it was quite noticeable.

Also, just an assumption on my part, but I would guess that the medium point versions will probably run out of ink a little bit quicker since the body appears to be the exact same size as the fine point, so I’m guessing the ink cartridge is the same size as well.  These versions of the Sharpie Pen never had any issues with the ink running out quickly though, unlike the retractable versions.

If you like the fine point Sharpie pens though, these Medium Point Sharpie Pens will be great for you if you are looking for something a bit wider for your writing, so check them out.  Hopefully they will

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