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Men wear belts more or women wear belts more?

  • By Means Elizabeth L
  • Published 03/14/2011
  • Sample Category

Almost everybody is familiar with belts. Maybe you have a few belts in your wardrobe. To me, belts are very important. I have three different kinds of belts. I will wear different belts on different occasions. To gentlemen, belt is a necessary item in their life. Good clothes matched with good belt will show gentlemen’s temperament. They will seem more respectable. It’s no exaggeration saying, if a gentleman wants to be charming, he must own a tasty belt. To some extent, details are more important than anything else. Gentlemen are well aware of that and they pay more attention to the details of their ordinary clothes. Of course, belt is essential. The detail of one’s clothes is very important and it shows one’s taste os life. As a result, it’s definite that every gentleman has at least one gorgeous belt. 

However, compared to gentlemen, belt to girls is more like a decoration. It is not only a tool but also a decoration. Girls like to make every part of their body charming and fashionable. No matter how they dress

up they will never forget delicate belts. Girl’s waist is the most charming part of their body. The gorgeous waist should be matched with a gorgeous belt. Then, girls’ charms are all showed off. Sometimes girls wear belts just to stop their waists going fat. To some extent, belts are indeed working. Girls like to collect many kinds of belts. Different belts should be matched with different clothes. Then they will be more fashionable. No matter to boys or to girls, belts are of vital importance. You just can’t say that men wear belts more or women do. Most of the people are wearing belts. Although belts are small but they can’t be ignored. People prefer fashionable and functional belts. Girls care more about the style but gentlemen care more about the quality. To gentlemen, easy and practical belts would be the first choices. On the contrast, women love the delicate and fashionable and colourful belts. They don’t pay more attention to the quality. I believe that the belt is everybody’s choice, no matter man or woman.

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