Men’s Back to School Fashion in 2009


Authored by Neal F. Litherland in Clothing
Published on 10-05-2009

The back to school season can cause a lot of anxiety in students. What classes are they going to take? Will this be the year they meet “the one”? And of course the question that takes up the minds of so many students… what am I going to wear? Well for men who are returning to school, that question can have a lot of different variables – thankfully they’re all fairly easy to figure out, once you know what they are.

First and foremost, take a long look in the mirror guys. If you’re in really good shape, admit it. If you’re not in good shape, then be honest. And if you’re really out of shape, than make sure you know it. A real and honest assessment of one’s body is the first step to figuring out what fashion is going to suit them best for a trip back to the halls of academia if they want to garner a little bit of notice on the next pass.

Once you’ve taken your inventory of what you have to work with, decide what sort of look you want to emphasize. Do you want to look sporty or athletic? Would you rather look clean cut and professional? Or even something unique or different? If you can focus on a certain look, combined with the body type you’re presenting, then it’s much easier to take the next steps.

Now that you have sort of an idea of what you want to do, start shopping around for ways to make it a reality. If you have a really well developed chest, then show it off with a tight tee shirt. If you have a bit of a stomach, get a belt that can cinch it up a little and try to downplay it. The key is to use the lines of your clothes to smooth the lines of your body and to enhanced your positive attributes while minimizing your flaws. Once you’ve figured out how to do that, the rest is in the details. Dark colors can slim an area, whereas brighter colors draw attention. As such, a combination of dark pants and a bright shirt, with a jacket to slim the sides and enhance the shoulders, is never a bad bet for a man dressing to impress.

On a final note, don’t forget accessories. For instance, hats have once more become popular. This is especially true of the old-styled fedoras, which can be a godsend to men who don’t want to have to style or gel their hair. Also, pocket watches and chains can be used to add a more universal theme to the head gear. Accessories should complement each other, but they should also reflect the general look a man is trying for. If a man is going for an athletic look, than instead of a watch he should have a sweat band around his wrist, for instance. Once the basic style, clothes, and accessories are all assembled, you’ll be ready to meet whatever challenges that the new school year can throw at you.


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