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Men’s Guide to Wardrobe MustHave’s

Let’s face it, many men can become bewildered when it comes to knowing which clothes will always suit them and which clothes should be thrown in the bin.

The following guide will give you top fashion advice to ensure you have both a functional and affordable wardrobe, no matter how the trends change from season to season.


Obviously, if you’re in the office every day you’ll need a few different suits, whereas if you’re line of work entails you mostly wearing casual clothes, then opt for a classic suit or two that will do for most formal events (from the occasional boardroom meeting to an ultra fancy restaurant).

Navy, black or gray suits are the best choice as they are timelessly classic and neutral, meaning they can be dressed up or down. For a smart casual look, the suit jacket can also be worn with khakis or jeans. All in all, at least one suit is an absolute must for every man, so it’s definitely an item worth spending money on.

White Collared Shirt

White dress shirts look good on anyone, just be careful of spills! These are crucial to any wardrobe as they look sharp and are highly versatile. They should not be worn as a casual shirt however – always keep them crisply ironed, even when worn with jeans.


A solid tie in a dark, neutral colour is hard to get wrong as an accessory and is as essential to own as a suit. For those who feel more confident in their style co-ordination, patterned ties really add flair. Even if you’re not sure how bold to go, a classic diagonal stripe will do fine.

Blue Blazer

This is another smart casual must-have, since a blue blazer is good for all year round and easily coordinates with khakis and other items.

Black Shoes & Belt

Another classic – these items can be mixed and matched with most anything, from suits to jeans. Going with a black belt and pair of shoes and will give you a lot more flexibility with different clothes and occasions than brown or other colours.

Jeans & Khakis

Say no more – everyone knows that any wardrobe without a pair of jeans and khaki trousers is seriously lacking.

Casual shirt

For times when you want to look a little smarter than a T-shirt would allow but not quite as crisp as collared shirts appear, a casual shirt such as a polo or button down is an important
in-betweener to wear with jeans or casual pants.


Apart from obviously keeping out the cold, overcoats can make an excellent accessory to complete any outfit. Bear in mind that an overcoat isn’t necessarily a long coat, it can also be 3/4-length.

Athletic Wear

Not all of us are sports fanatics who need robust high-end gear designed to give you an extra edge while training. Athletic clothing is perfect for those lazy Sundays – we all need to unwind, so be good to yourself and make sure you have a fair amount of tracksuit pants and comfy sweaters to hand.


Men, understand that mismatched socks are an absolute fashion no-no, and women will certainly see it as a sign of dismal ineptitude in clothing know-how. Make sure you have enough pairs of socks to make it through to washing day as well as to compensate for those mysterious disappearances that often happen to single socks!


The main thing when building a practical wardrobe is to start simple and then expand over time according to your lifestyle. Classics certainly don’t mean boring, so if you make sure to have the above men’s clothing on hand, you won’t be left seriously wanting.

When it comes to keeping within budget and saving money on bargains, the first rule is to buy clothes on sale, such as after Christmas or during end of season clearance periods. Even if you find something you really like which doesn’t quite fit, you can always take it to a tailor. All in all, if you choose clothes that are comfortable, fit your style and make you feel confident, you’re definitely on the right track.

About the Author : Anastasia Koko is a Men’s clothing designer.


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