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Men’s Silver Leather BraceletsA Unique Combination of Metal And Leather

The concept of wearing bracelets spread around the world ever since most of the nations started adopting festivals and special days that were once practiced by the western culture. The use of bracelets and wristbands became popular because of Friendship’s Day. Best friends are said to exchange friendship bands on this day so as to strengthen their bonds. Nowadays, men’s silver leather bracelets are popularly used accessories that replaced traditional thread made friendship bands.

Te combination of leather, metal, beads and gemstones is a result of developing fashion trends and popularity of glamour world. These pieces were extremely popular among males within the age group 12 to 16. Recently, more sophisticated models were introduced in the market which could be displayed on both casual as well as formal events.

Plain leather was thought to be wild, simple and boring. It was usually confined to outdoor parties, camping trips, pool parties, rock band shows and live concerts. However, when leather was combined with shimmering metals like gold and silver, it reflected an extraordinary splendor. At present, different internationally recognized male brands distribute sterling silver and leather bracelet. They come with unique variations and designs. The base is kept simple and leather, black, brown and blood red being most popular choices and the trimmings are done with silver and gold.

These designs are commonly used on wrap leather bracelets because they’re sufficiently wide in length and there is greater surface area available for intricate silver work. The wilder types (including TV actors, porn stars, adventurists and biker boys) are fond of stylish wristlets that include hanging silver chains, pointed spikes, skulls, bones, crosses, daggers and other such designs on them.

Also, due to increasing belief of people in Tarot and astrology, use of gemstones became a popular practice is bracelet designing. Since leather was considered to be an easy going material, considering the customization viewpoint of designers, a new guild of leather pearl bracelets was born. Often these armlets included favorite gemstones like ruby, emerald, sapphire, cat’s eye, opal, diamonds, onyx and zircon. Out of all the above mentioned gemstones, use of diamond and pearls was persistent; diamond because it was a precious gemstone that suited all occasions and pearl because it could go with any dress code. However, use of pearl leather bracelet was mostly limited to females because pearl was something very lustrous and feminine however men couldn’t escape its elegance and soon it was incorporated in male jewelry as well.

Thus, with the advent of new fashion trends and implementation of contemporary ideas the accessory market was flooded with new designs of sterling silver leather bracelets. If you wish to acquire them, you can check out any branded outlet or online store.

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