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Merits and Demerits of Saddleshaped Bags

  • By almaLouie Louie
  • Published 12/21/2010
  • Copywriting

What do you know about a saddle-shaped bag? It is a kind of fashionable bag in the market. It is unique in design and style. And girls love it very much. How about the merits and demerits of this special bag? Do you know?Merits1. FashionableIt is a fashionable bag because of its unique design. Form the name you can know what it looks like. To carry a saddle-shaped bag means you are a fashionable person who has good taste. Girls like to carry such a bag when they are going outside for shopping or attending some activities. Even though it is not large, some necessary accessories are allowed to put inside.2. Easy to carryOne of the features of such a bag is the proper size which is neither large not small. It is not as large as a handbag. Yet it is not as small as a tote. It is easy to carry as the size is just suitable for many people. Besides, it can be carried by people as a handbag as well as a shoulder bag. If you feel tired when you carry it as a handbag, you can use the long strap to change in into a shoulder bag.3. Improving a Person’s Look

A saddle-shaped bag is usually lovely. If a girl likes lovely accessories, such a bag is definitely suitable for her. She will look sweeter with this bag. The special shape of the bag leaves deep impressions to people. A person who carries it also appears active.

It is really good for people to carry as it enhances beauty.Demerits1. Not Formal EnoughAs a saddle-shaped bag looks lovely, it is informal when comparing with other bags. That means it can not be carried when a person is attending some formal parties. This is a bag for girls o carry. It is not elegant enough for a lady.2. Hard to Match with other AccessoriesIt seems that such a bag is not suitable to any kind of wearing. For example, it looks strange for a lady who wears uniform to carry such a bag. It only looks well when it is match with some sweet and informal wearing such as skirts and T-shirts.3. Not Functional EnoughAs a matter of fact, a saddle-shaped bag is not suitable for people to carry some heave and large items such as books and documents. It is not large enough firstly. Even though it is just large enough for a book, it looks strange. It is only suitable for people to put some items such as cell phones, keys, tissue and so on.

It is known by people that nothing is perfect in the world. Even such a fashionable and lovely bag has disadvantage, people love to carry it as it is fashionable and easy to carry.The author is knowledgeable on replica versace handbags and publishes articles on the subject for a few years. Visit http://www.bagzer.com to see the author’s endorsed selection.



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