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Methods Of SEO Article Writing

  • By William Gold
  • Published 02/21/2011
  • Article Writing

SEO article writing has become one of the most prominent methods of online advertising, article marketing, and is also the core aspect of Search Engine Optimization. To fully understand the purpose of SEO article writing, one must fully grasp the concept of search engine optimization. SEO is done when a company selling products or services online wishes to establish a greater presence online. Since the vast majority of consumers looking for a given product or service simply search for them through Google, or any other search engine, the point of search engine optimization is to make the website of the company in question appear more relevant through search engine queries, or in simpler terms: appearing as high on the list of search results as possible.

When a user enters a Google search for, say, “sushi”, the way Google sorts its results by relevance is by determining which website is most often referred to by other sources. The website most referred to (by keywords and hyperlinks leading back to that site) by other sources – blogs, other websites, etc – will appear most relevant. This is where the article writing in SEO Article Writing comes in. Since the relevance of a website is determined by outside sources, the best way to boost a website’s rank among search engine results is simply to provide more outside sources. Thus, a

rticles are written. This can be done by a company itself with its own SEO resources, or a company solely specializing in the practice can be hired for the task. Generally, the articles in question are written about a topic that is tangential to the product being sold. So for that sushi website selling imitation crab meat, the article writer might draft an article about crab fishing. This is so that consumers searching for imitation crab meat may find this article, and more importantly, the back links within pointing them to the website from which they can buy imitation crab meat. However, even if a live human being never lays eyes on the article itself, it still serves a purpose. Since the article written includes hyperlinks of the keyword “imitation crab meat” referring back to the company’s website, Google will “see” them whenever somebody searches for that same keyword in a generic search.

These hyperlinks help count towards the websites relevancy, and so its position on the list of search results will be more towards the top. Now if several hyperlinks with that particular keyword are used in one article, the website’s relevancy will increase. And if several articles, with several links each are hosted in several locations, the website will suddenly experience a remarkable boost in relevancy. Therefore, even if the article is never read by an actual human being, its mere existence helps raise the website’s position among search returns.



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