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Midnight Blue Fountain Pen Ink by Papier Plume in New Orleans


Papier Plume Midnight Blue Fountain Pen Ink Bottle

There is a nice little store in New Orleans, LA called Papier Plume that sells fine writing supplies that I was lucky enough to have a chance to check out back in March.   I couldn’t have been happier that I got a chance to stop there because they had some really nice pens, notebooks, stationery, and inks to be seen, and the staff was incredibly nice.  I highly recommend you check the place out if you are in New Orleans and looking for some nice writing tools, or just want a cool store to check out.  Today’s review will take a look at one of their products.


Inside the Papier Plume Midnight Blue Fountain Pen Ink Bottle

While I was there, I noticed that they had some of their own branded fountain pen ink, so I decided to pick up this bottle of Midnight Blue, as well as a bottle of Forest Green that I will do a review of at a later date.  I would say that one of my favorite ink colors to use is blue black, and obviously midnight blue is in that family so I love trying different versions of this color, in fact I think at this point I probably have 5 different bottles of some version of midnight blue, or blue black.  These bottles of fountain pen ink from Papier Plume were $7 for 30 ml and they are available in 10 different colors.  One nice thing about them is that they are also bottled in New Orleans.


The fleur-de-lis on top of the bottle

Being that it was my first ever trip to New Orleans, LA I was surprised at the abundance of the fleur-de-lis design every where you go, including the gold one placed nicely atop the bottle of ink as pictured above.  As I said before, the woman who helped me at the store couldn’t have been nicer in helping me.  She showed me all of the inks, explained a little bit about how ingredients for them were imported then mixed there.  Once I made my decision to buy my two bottles of ink, she went above and beyond to pack them based on the fact that she knew I would be flying.  She put them into a nice box with plenty of padding, then inside of a TSA agent friendly clear zip-lock bag.


Papier Plume Midnight Blue Fountain Pen Ink Writing Sample

Beyond the impressive product selection, and fantastic customer service, lets not forget that we are here to take a look at their Midnight Blue Fountain Pen Ink.  I think the writing sample above tells a good story, the color is a bit lighter than I was expecting, however I still really like it.  Even with the fine size nib of my Pelikan M215, you can see different shading within the lines of the writing.  The ink wrote very smoothly on the paper in this Black n’ Red notebook, and although I don’t have any scans of it, it also wrote very nicely on the Levenger paper in my daily planner.  They drying time for this ink was fairly quick, at about 2 1/2 to 3 seconds, and there was absolutely no feathering, show through or bleed through with it.


Outside Papier Plume in New Orleans (pedestrians and puppy blurred to protect their identities)

If you find yourself in New Orleans, definitely check out Papier Plume at 842 Royal Street.  You will find yourself a selection of some really nice fine writing supplies as well as a happy and friendly staff to assist you with whatever you need.  Hopefully I’ll have a chance to visit again soon.

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