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Midori DClips Christmas Edition Paper Clips


Midori D-Clips Christmas Edition Paper Clips: a Tree, a Snowman and Santa

The other day I got a nice little Christmas gift from my friends at JetPens.  I have seen the animal and the Christmas shaped Midori D-Clips (paper clips) on the JetPens website before, and thought that lots of people here would probably be happy to get to see them up close and reviewed.


The Midori D-Clips Christmas Edition Paper Clips in their Box of 15

The clips come in a small plastic box that slides open to reveal a total of 15 clips, you get 5 red Santa clips, 5 green Christmas tree clips, and 5 silver snowman clips.  Each of the clips can hold about 12 sheets of paper without stretching them to their limit, but depending on the thickness of your paper, you will obviously get different results.


The MidoRi D-Clip Paper Clips on a Sheet of Paper

The Midori D-Clip paper clips function exactly how you might expect, I mean its hard to screw up paper clips, right?    The only thing I’d say you have to be aware of is what you see in the picture above, and that is that the Christmas tree shaped clip sticks out above the top of the paper just a bit.  At just over $8 for the pack of 15, these arent the cheapest paper clips you will ever find, but if you are looking for something a little different for the holidays, then these are definitely the way to go for you.

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