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Midori Memorandum Card 2.25″ x 3.33″ Blank Notebook


Midori Memorandum Card with Blue Cover

This tiny little Midori Memorandum Card Notebook from JetPens is something I picked up a while ago that I’m just now getting around to reviewing, but I’m still impressed by its size.  When I ordered it online I read the measurements of how big it was (2.33″ x 3.33″) but it really didn’t sink in how small that was until I had it in my hands.


Midori Memorandum Card Inside

If you need something to help you put this tiny notebook’s size in perspective, it is basically the size (height and width) of a credit card, and its thickness is only that of about two credit cards.  In other words, its a very tiny notebook.  The paper inside is very thin and light weight translucent paper that holds up surprisingly well to some inky pens and even a sharp pencil which you will see in the writing sample below.  Oddly, the notebook has 31 sheets of paper, not sure why they didn’t just go with an even 30, but I’m not complaining about the extra sheet of paper.  The sheets are each top bound with glue and rip out of the notebook cleanly and easily.  The cover on this notebook is about as thick as an index card and has an interesting metallic hue to it, with metallic lettering embossed into the cover on the top right as you can see in the above photo.


Midori Memorandum Card Writing Sample

My writing sample that you see above was done with a Sharpie Pen, a Uniball Vision Needle, and a Uniball Kuru Toga .5mm mechanical pencil.  The first two pens surprised me because I expected to get some bleed through on this incredibly thin paper, but to my surprise not one speck of ink bled through to the next page.  Now of course with the translucency of the paper you can definitely see the ink on the other side of the page, but I kind of expected that.  With the mechanical pencil I was expecting that writing with a sharp point, or trying to erase it would end up ripping the paper, but again to my surprise this did not happen.  This is some very resilient paper in this tiny notebook.

If you are looking for a tiny notebook to slip inside your wallet (remember its the size of two credit cards so it will fit) or some other small pocket, the Midori Memorandum Card Notebook is definitely an excellent option.

©2016, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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