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Midori Paper and Cable Pin Clip


Midori Paper and Cable Pin Clip Robots

When I saw these Midori Paper and Cable Pin Clips on the feed of new stuff over at Jetpens, I thought they were way too cool not to grab and try out.  Brad from Jetpens and The Pen Addict, offered to send me over a set for this review, but keep in mind that besides the robots that you see here, there are also versions that look like cars, lady bugs, airplanes, and ducks.


Midori Paper and Cable Pin Clip Robot Holding Headphone Wires

So these guys are made up of a gummy like material and on the back sides they have something like a snap that locks the two ends together around an object to hold it in place.  Above you can see the headphones for my cell phone neatly wrapped up and held in place by my blue robot friend.  Obviously  you can do the same with rubber bands, or other cheaper fasteners, but this blog isn’t about “cheap” office supplies, it is about fun, unique, and cool office suplies.


Midori Paper and Cable Pin Clip on Paper

A second thing you can do with the Midori Paper and Cable Pin Clip is use them to hold together a stack of papers, as long as they have at least one hole punch, or in this case, have been punched using the Levenger Circa punch.  This definitely makes a statement and is much more unique than just throwing a binder clip or paper clip on your papers.  The only drawback is that it wont hold your papers TIGHT like a binder clip or paper clip will…but this looks way cooler doing it.

One third alternative that I have in mind for these, but I couldn’t test, was using them to replace a zipper pull on a bag.  Unfortunately I don’t have a bag where the pull has come off, and I didn’t want to ruin a perfectly good bag to try it, but I imagine that this would attach pretty well to the end of a zipper and make for a cool looking pull that makes it easier to find and grab your zipper.

Thanks again to Brad and Jetpens for sending these over, and dont forget that there are plenty of other versions of the Midori Paper and Cable Pin Clips besides this robot version.  Just mash that pointy arrow thing on your screen into those blue underlined words you just read to check out what the rest of these clips look like.

©2014, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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