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Milk Roll in packaging upgrade

  • By Charlie Browning
  • Published 01/30/2013

Warburtons has refreshed the packaging of its Milk Roll children’s loaf to increase its appeal to modern families and encourage trial.

Available this month, the new packaging features on-pack messaging to communicate the product’s key benefits to consumers including: Soft Round White Bread, With Calcium for Healthy Teeth and Bones, Perfect for Lunch Boxes.

These messages aim to answer the increasing consumer need for healthy and convenient solutions and highlight the loaf’s appeal to children as a result of its soft round slices and thin crust. The new packaging also features a new design including a child-friendly illustration of a round cow, clouds and trees.

Warburtons director of innovation Darren Littler said: “Shoppers are increasingly looking for healthier options and this is of particular importance to parents who are under pressure to ensure their children are willing to eat the food they provide, whilst also making sure it’s good for them.

“The new Milk Roll packaging helps shoppers see the benefits of the product at shelf and make the decision to purchase.

“By revamping the packaging we aim to strengthen the product’s appeal with existing audiences as well as drive trial with new consumers to drive incremental sales.”

Warburtons Milk Roll is designed for children’s lunch boxes due to the soft round slices and thin crusts and is available for convenience and multiples from now, with an MSRP of £0.96. It is also popular amongst dieters thanks to its sub-50 calorie per slice energy count, so if you’re trying to shift a few pounds after the Christmas period and are finding it hard to give up the sarnies, Warburtons Milk Roll could just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Try Milk Roll with tuna mayonnaise (low fat of course!) and a big helping of salad for a delicious lunchtime treat that will go down beautifully with all the family!

About the Author : Charlie Browning is writing about the Milk roll



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