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Millionaires ten commandments, wealth building tool

  • By Jay Polmar
  • Published 04/14/2011
  • Writing

Millionaires’ Ten Commandments, Wealth Building ToolI am excited and honored to have the opportunity to introduce you to another of the life changing tools from the arsenal of speedread.org , “The Millionaires Ten Commandments”. speedread.org is a educational research organization, first founded in 1997 by Dr. Jay Polmar and a team of professional reading instructors, whose programs have been researched at colleges and Universities in 9 states. This important work is aimed at helping students and professionals increase reading speed, manage stress and learn how to prepare an efficient productive study environment. The primary goal is to keep your reading skills sharp with books, or online, that challenges your abilities and gives you greater skills. 

The Millionaires Ten Commandments is an extraordinary quick-read book that will fast start your journey to achieving not only financial success but ethical and moral wealth by teaching you the importance of adhering to code of conduct and believing in a set of commandments.  Give Thanks, a kindly expression of gratitude for the good things in your life. Be Ecstatic; be delighted and grateful for every breath of life. Be Generous, be liberal in your giving and loving spirit. Feel Wealthy, once again the importance of the attitude of gratefulness. Act Successfully, attitude act like a winner and you become one. Get Involved, to be a part of participate in your community reach out. Spend Wisely; this applies to time as well as mo

ney. Be Motivated, tending to take action remember to get involved. Be Committed, to pledge to take a course of action. This possibly is the most difficult of all, Total Honesty, fairness, straightforwardness, to be open.  The Millionaires’ Ten Commandments is a powerful Wealth Building tool. Valuable speed reading techniques and methods are contained in this book. A great deal of common sense and straightforward thinking was involved in the design of these concepts and techniques. To learn basic speed-reading begins with choosing the right environment in which to read. Getting into a comfortable posture in order to make reading more enjoyable and ensuring one has plenty of breathing room try to avoid distractions smoke, strong odors or cooking, it is hard to concentrate with Aunt Mable Jo’s apple pie just a few feet away, and shut off noise.Having good lighting and being able to focus are other factors that can naturally increase your reading rate.You already possess an incredible ability to see every word on a page at one glance. That’s one of the reasons why this extraordinary system contained in The Millionaires’ Ten Commandments only takes a few minutes to learn instead of weeks and months like other methods.  programs teach you a natural way to extend your own brain’s powerful sense of vision. You already possess an incredible ability to see every word on a page at one glance with camera like accuracy.In short, The Millionaires Ten Commandments will help you accelerate your process of becoming wealthy, and speed reading courses will speed your getting there. nopicture-8036910

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