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Mindsets of a Successful Software Team Leader

  • By Michelle J Scott
  • Published 11/8/2012
  • Article Writing

Behind every successful Software Team leader, you will find an imperative circle of trusted advisers, mentors and colleagues.  The shape and size of this group may vary according to the workplace environment. They can be found at every level of both professional and personal life. There will be an anchored line always focusing the leader, so called “lifeline relationships”. Here are the four core mindsets that can be learned and followed to strengthen those lifeline relationships.MagnanimityThis can be set as the base from where all the behaviors arise. It describes the commitment to mutual support which begins with willingness to come forward and sharing your creative ideas and deepest insights with the world. It’s the vow to help others succeed by following any means which is ethical. This opens the door for an effective communication channel, creating a “safe space” where no-one will feel that they are isolated. Such generous mindsets create a pleasant environment which can bring fruitful innovations.Amenability

This fulfills the meaning of mutual understanding. It is now, a person from any level or any group is allowed to push the wide door open and make use of the safe space provided. This mindset can open fearless conversations; sometimes, it is expected to take some risks for implementing new i

nnovations.OpennessThis is the freedom to be total honest with the group. As amenability will lead to the pathway for receiving feedback, the sharing of hope and fear is quite easy. Being candor allows the leader to constructively expound, respond and grip with that information.AccountabilityThis refers to following the vows that leader made to others. It’s about giving and receiving the feet-to-the-fire tough love through which real change is sustained.When these four mindsets are working together, it turns out to be the real-key for establishing close relationships with the people inside software workspace. These four mindsets can give true inspiring experience, once they are followed with ease. This strategy will work out in any environment, even with an experienced software development team or inside a new software firm. It is sure, lifetime relationships that are created each time can increase the radii of the trusted circle of advisers and peers.CareerBuilder.co.in is India’s fast growing job site. CareerBuilder connects thousands of software Engineering job seekers to top companies each day.

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by Michelle J Scott



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