Mineral Makeup Benefits

In recent years, mineral makeup has become immensely popular. In the trend of eco-friendly use of substances, more and more women (and men) who normally wear makeup change to the mineral kind. Their main concern is for their skin, as we are all aware now that the majority of things put in cosmetic products are at the least unhealthy, and with continued exposure can even be life threatening.

Mineral makeup is manufactured with minerals (goes without saying) that are sterilized and then pulverized into a very fine powder. This is then mixed up with a variety of natural colorings to produce a variety of colors. And as a plus, wearing mineral makeup has many benefits! A couple of examples:

– First of all, mineral makeup is non-comodegenic. I know, a difficult word, but it means that the makeup won’t block the pores of your skin, but instead will allow them to breathe. It also doesn’t penetrate the skin or irritate it.

– Mineral makeup is also ideal for women with sensitive or mature skin. Those women who suffer from rosacea, dryness, acne or other skin ailments, will not exacerbate their problems by using more skin-friendly products.

– The prime ingredients used in mineral makeup are inorganic. This means that bacteria and microbes cannot live in the makeup and thus won’t infect the skin of the wearer. It also means that no preservations need to be included and that your makeup will have a long life (as long as reasonable care is given to apply it with a clean brush).

– Mineral makeup doesn’t feel like a mask on your skin, in comparison with older and heavier chemical-based sorts. This makeup is almost weightless in character. A lot of women report that wearing mineral makeup feels like wearing no makeup at all!

– The best (and most expensive) mineral makeup has a number of ingredients that are designed to improve your skin. These may include a number of UVA and UVB sun protectors, but also zinc, magnesium and anti-inflammatories.

– Women who suffer from oily skin can have benefits using mineral makeup. No oil is used in their manufacturing.

– It is very versatile. One pot of loose pigment can be used as eye-shadow, lipstick, nail polish, blush and even eyeliner with the right brushes.

– Mineral makeup is ideal for hiding wrinkles, crow’s feet and fine lines in the skin, due to the fact that it reflects sunlight. This results in a very healthy look.

– Mineral makeup only needs to be applied once a day and it is water-proof. You can even apply it before going to bed if you know you will be rushed for time the next morning.

No wonder that mineral makeup is flying off the shelves! And there is also good news for do-it-yourself ladies. They can easily create their own brand of mineral makeup, by mixing a few key ingredients. In a wink, you can get a multitude of color and texture that is quite amazing.


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