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Mini Business Card File Cabinet from ThinkGeek

The Mini Business Card File Cabinet

The Mini Business Card File Cabinet from (via Amazon, nolonger available from ThinkGeek) actually made me laugh when I saw it because I thought is was such a good idea.  It seems like such a simple, yet creative solution for storing business cards.  I feel bad because I know this will be a pretty short review, but again, I just loved the idea and wanted to share this here with you.


The Mini Business Card File Cabinet Open

At only about 6 1/2″ tall, the mini business card file cabinet has two sliding drawers that hold a total of 500 business cards.  The mini business card file cabinet comes with cardboard dividers that break the alphabet down too two letter sub-divisions to help alphabetized your cards for you.  The drawers slide in and out pretty easily, and he top drawer even has a little digital clock.  This is a great little item to keep on your desk, the biggest difference between this and a real file cabinet is that this one is made entirely of plastic.  I can tell you though with a semi-full top drawer pulled out, it never gave the feeling of wanting to tip over from being top-heavy.  The only thing I might change about this is to add some rubber feet to it just to make sure it doesn’t slide across your desk when you are opening or closing it, although I guess it would be pretty cool if it was made of metal too.

If you are looking for a cool solution for storing your business cards, the Mini Business Card File Cabinet (via Amazon) is definitely something unique that will stand out from all the other business card holders that probably litter your office.

Update: Although this was originally purchased from ThinkGeek it appears to be out of stock with no estimate on a return from them, it is however available from Amazon at the time of this update.

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