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Mini Fountain Pen the JetPens Chibi Review


Mini Fountain Pen the JetPens Chibi Body Capped

The good folks over at JetPens make it easy for us to get review samples for the blog as part of our partnership with them for the monthly giveaway that we do.  Today is exciting because this is the first time we have actually had a JetPens branded product to try out, and its their fairly new Mini Fountain Pen the JetPens Chibi which you can check out here as an option to add to your cart to make sure you hit that $25 minimum for free shipping.


Mini Fountain Pen the JetPens Chibi Posted Size Comparison – The Chibi Really is Smaller

Although you cant tell from the photo above, the Chibi is smaller than the Bic 4 color pen in the background of this picture, anyone with even minimal knowledge of photography or art skill probably has a much better grasp on perspective than I do, so let me explain.  In the foreground you see the Chibi with its cap posted and in the background you see an updated version (metallic barrel)of the classic Bic 4 color multi-pen.  Although they look the same size, the Chibi actually only measures a hair under 5.5 inches long with the cap posted, while the Bic is actually just shy of 5.75 inches long.  With the cap in the closed position the Chibi comes in at 4.5 inches.  The smallest measurement for the Chibi Mini Fountain Pen is when you look at it sans cap where it measures a minuscule 3.75 inches long.


Mini Fountain Pen the JetPens Chibi Nib Section with Short International Cartridge

Currently JetPens is only offering the Chibi Mini Fountain Pen with a Fine nib and in this neon-ish yellow color.  The mini fountain pen also comes with one short international cartridge, mine was black, so I am assuming that is standard for all of these.  As you can tell from the lower end (far left in the picture) of the grip section there is a small rounded ring which serves for a little bit of leverage when writing and more importantly as the mechanism to snap the cap firmly onto the pen to close it.  When posting the cap on the pen you do not have the same “snap” response due to the completely smooth body.  I mention this because the pen does post nicely which is important because unless you have really tiny hands, you will definitely want to post the cap when writing with this.  Trying to write with the cap unposted makes for a slightly uncomfortable writing session since the pen becomes too small, at least for my medium sized hand.  I’m not criticizing the pen for this, just pointing it out for those that have never used a mini fountain pen before.  The nature of the beast with something like this requires a fairly short body in order to keep the overall pen size to a minimum.  The length of the cap when posted lets the pen rest in that nook between your thumb and pointer finger.


Mini Fountain Pen the JetPens Chibi Writing Sample in Small Black n Red Notebook

I was pleasantly surprised with the writing experience when I tested out the JetPens Chibi.  Not only was the pen comfortable to hold (again, with cap posted) for such a small pen, but the nib was very consistent with the line it laid down.  The ink flow started instantly between writing sessions, and only took about a minute for the ink to start flowing with the cartridge was inserted the first time.  Its easy for a fine and inexpensive nib to be skippy at times, but this one definitely performs well.  Depending on the paper you decide to use this little guy with, you will probably notice a slight bit of tooth or scratchy feel when the nib slides across the paper.  Again, this is to be expected for this type of pen, but its definitely a great performer for the money and considering the incredibly compact size.  This is a great pocket or purse pen assuming you don’t beat on it too much as I’m assuming the plastic body can only take so much.  Beyond being great for you to use on your own its also a great gift or stocking stuffer for someone that might be interested in dipping their toe into the world of fountain pens.  Head on over to JetPens and throw a Chibi Mini Fountain Pen in your cart, as a way to round out those gifts for your co-workers or top off some stockings, you won’t regret it.

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