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Mini Pen and Stylus Zebra HiMckee for your Phone or Tablet


Mini Ballpoint Pen and Stylus Zebra-Hi-Mckee

This Hi-Mckee Mini pen and stylus by Zebra is a pretty nice accessory that can plug into the audio jack on your phone or tablet for easy accessibility.  Before we take a closer look at it I should mention the standard disclaimer which is that the product was provided free of charge by our friends at JetPens for this review.


The Zebra Hi-Mckee Uncapped and on a Samsung Galaxy S3

The Zebra Hi-Mckee is a small mini pen and stylus that measures 2.5 inches from end to end when capped and has a 2 inch lanyard attached on one end.  When the cap is removed from the body of the Hi-Mckee, it measures about 2.25 inches.  With the cap removed the pen is fairly comfortable to use but you probably wouldn’t want to do a lot of writing with it.  My best guess is that it is probably ideal for situations when you just need to sign a quick credit card receipt or jot down a quick phone number.  As far as ballpoint pens go, the writing experience is a little better than average.  It doesn’t seem to skip at all and writes pretty smooth but still has that slightly slow ballpoint feel to it.


The Zebra Hi-Mckee Stylus Plugs into your Audio Jack

As a stylus, the Zebra Hi-Mckee does its job nicely.  The stylus tip gently glides across the screen of my Samsung Galaxy S3 without any lag or hang.  There don’t seem to be any dead spots either as I’ve seen with some other stylus products in the past.  The plastic plug that you see in the above picture slips into the headphone jack so that you can always have your mini pen and stylus with your phone or tablet.

The only down side for this mini pen and stylus is that once you run out of ink in the pen, you will need to replace the whole thing.  I guess this isn’t a total loss though because you can always take the lanyard and audio jack plug and attach it to something else like a bluetooth headset.  For about $5 you really cant go wrong if you want a mini pen and stylus that attaches to your phone or tablet.  Go ahead and grab yourself a Zebra Hi-Mckee and give it a try.  It comes in 8 different colors so if orange isn’t your think there are plenty more to pick from.

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