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Mini Trash and Recycle Bins for Your Desktop

Not really sure why I bought these but they looked cool and sometimes I’m a sucker when it comes to impulse purchases.  They are basically mini replicas of trash and recycle bins that you can use on your desk for pen holders or to store other small items like paper clips.  They definitely make for a great decorative touch on any desk and are probably a great conversation starter too.  You can find them here on Amazon.

So each of these trash and recycle bins measure about 5.5″ tall and have a footprint of about 3″x3.5″ when the lids are closed.  The trash and recycle logos and text seem to be printed right onto the plastic of each of the bins. I have a feeling that these might scratch off if you aren’t careful with them.  These are big enough to hold things like a pair of scissors and a utility knife as shown on the left with plenty of room to spare.  Alternatively you can hold a ton of pens and pencils as shown on the right.

The lids on each of the Mini Trash and Recycle Bins actually stay partially open at a few different angles.  There isn’t a catch or anything built into the hinges, but they can be carefully positioned just using the plastic on plastic friction created with the hinges on these.  The plastic isn’t that smooth slippery plastic, but a more flat, smooth, and less smooth plastic so it helps keep the lids open in some positions.

There is basically no assembly required with these other than just snapping the plastic wheels into place.  I was actually surprised that once the wheels were snapped into place they also are somewhat functional if you want to wheel these around a bit.

Overall if I’m being honest, there is nothing life changing about these Mini Trash and Recycle Bins.  They are just kind of fun, might serve as a bit of a conversation started, they look cool, and they serve the practical purpose of adding extra storage to your desk.  If these are your kind of thing, check them out here on Amazon to spruce up your desk a little.

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