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Minnie Mouse Moleskine Limited Edition Notebooks

The Minnie Mouse Moleskine Cover in Red

If you’ve ever read this blog before you probably know how we feel about the quality of Moleskine paper, and especially when used with fountain pens.  On the other hand though, the folks at Moleskine tend to put out a ton of really cool looking licensed notebooks that are hard to resist.  These Minnie Mouse Moleskine Journals are the newest in their line of limited edition notebooks.


Minnie Mouse Moleskine Unlined

The red version of the Minnie Mouse Moleskine that you see here has 240 pages of plain notebook paper that measures  5 inches by 8.2 inches.  The black version of this Minnie Mouse Moleskine has ruled pages instead of blank pages.  The different colored covers make it much easier to quickly see which version you are dealing with.  These Minnie Mouse Moleskine notebook shave all of the standard Moleskine features like rounded corners, a folder on the back cover, satin bookmark ribbon, and an elastic closure strap.

Minnie Mouse Moleskine Stickers

The one nice little extra that comes with the Minnie Mouse Moleskine notebook is the sheet of stickers that come stucked away in the back pocket.  The stickers are composed of many different Minnie and Mickey Mouse stickers.  Some of the stickers are of the Minnie Mouse head with bow, and some are actual Minnie Mouse head cupcakes which is kind of disturbing.  There are also some generic white gloved hands that are used to make up some of the blank lables on the Minnie Mouse Moleskine journal.  I was actually a bit surprised that these Minnie Mouse Moleskine Journals don’t have any other decorative art work besides the cover that reflect the Minnie Mouse character.  Plenty of their other journals in these licensed and limited edition journals have more artwork but the inside covers of these are just plan.  Either way they are still a great looking new design from Moleskien that immediately captures the essence of Minnie Mouse with the polka-dots.  You can grab your own version here if you want a cheerful and great looking notebook that channels the classic Disney look.

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