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Minor Updates on Upcoming Products and Giveaway Winners


The new Disney Moleskine Journals are finally available on Amazon, and I have some on the way for a future review, but I’m pretty sure these will be a popular item based on the overall popularity of Mickey Mouse and the Disney brand.  Oh, and the title on the Amazon Page for these calls them a calendar, but based on the photo above and in the listing I believe that is just a typo.


Just a reminder that we are still looking for our winner, James Hallagins to claim his two pens.  Usually we just post winners on the site, but we’ve tried emailing James and got no response so I’m hoping one more post will get his attention.  We will give James until the 18th of next month to claim his prize, one full month and after that we will find another way to get these into the hands of a deserving reader.

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