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Miquelrius Notebook with Graph Paper and Soft Cover


Miquelrius Leather Look Graph Paper Notebook and Binder Clip

When I stumbled across my Miquelrius notebook the other day, which I had not used since August 2005, I made a comment about it on Twitter, and it immediately got some response from folks who really like those notebooks.  I figured that it would be a good idea to take a break from posting only about Levenger for a bit and get this note book reviewed.  One person who chimed in on the topic was nrepose from the blog Unposted.  He suggested we do alternating reviews on our sites.  He would do his next post on a Levenger notebook, and I would do mine on the Miquelrius.  Make sure to check out that link for his review because he did a great job.

I don’t really remember where I picked this up but I am about 90% certain it was from The Daily Planner who always carries a great selection of stationery and other cool office supplies.

Introduction to the Miquelrius Notebook with Leather Look Cover:

The version of the Miquelrius Notebook that I am reviewing is the 200 page graph ruled in blue that measures 6″ x 81/4″ .  They also have 100 page versions of this as well as smaller 4″ x 6″ versions.


Miquelrius Notebook Back Cover

As you can see from the front and back cover pictures posted there is very little on it in terms of branding or design which I prefer.  The simplicity of the design is a big plus for me.  The cover of the Miquelrius notebook has a nice soft and durable feel to it.  I have to say that the description of “Leather Look” that they use to describe the cover really doesn’t do it justice.  I wouldn’t say that you pick it up and think it is some super high quality and expensive material but when I read “Leather Look” it just sounds cheap and flimsy  That is certainly not the case.  I am also a really big fan of the notebook being flexible and not having a stiff rigid cover as many cardboard backed notebooks do.  I don’t frequently find myself sitting there wanting to bend my notebook but the flexibility of the cover makes it much easier to flip through the pages as compared to a regular hard cover notebook.


Miquelrius Notebook Writing Sample

For the writing sample I decided to use multiple different pens and inks in hopes that I would hit a few that some of you reading this typically use.  The paper in this notebook has a very smooth feel to it and all of the pens seem to be good candidates for this notebook.  The only pens that I saw a slight issue with were the Bic Z4 and the Pilot Petit 1 which showed a little more bleedthrough than I would prefer.  By no means was it terrible though they just happened to stand out when compared to the others.

The pens I used were as follows:

Each of these pens wrote really nicely on the Miquelrius Leather Look Graph Paper, and I am really glad I rediscovered this notebook.  Now I just need to find an excuse to start using it again soon.

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