Mobile Home Improvement Ideas

One of the easiest ways to improve any home is to de-clutter and clean. Large furniture can make a small room look even smaller, and stacks of old mail and tons of knick knacks have the same effect. Sort out things you don’t need any more and donate them or throw them away. Organize what you have kept. You will see an immediate difference!

In smaller spaces, furniture often has to serve multiple functions, including storage. Trunks or small dressers can be used as tables in the living room and store extra things, such as extra linens, books, or movies.

To even out the look of heavy furniture, many people use tables or other furniture with glass tops. This will also make the room appear larger.

Another easy option is painting. If you are fortunate enough to have drywall in your mobile home, this step will be very easy. Lighter colors will reflect more light into your space, making it more inviting and homey.

For those with dark wooden paneling, don’t despair. Although this automatically dates your home, it can be fixed. Paneling can be removed, and installing drywall is not as difficult as it sounds.

If you would rather not remove paneling, it can be painted. Applying primer before you paint will prevent you from having to paint multiple coats of your chosen color.

Putting up new wallpaper or simply removing it and painting will also update the home. Old and stained wallpaper can be removed by soaking it with a blend of vinegar and water.

Painting ceilings with a glossy white will reflect more light, making a room brighter and appear larger.

Another nice touch to mobile homes is creating little details. Often, mobile homes are built without creating any interesting architectural details. This can be fixed by installing new molding or trim.

One feature that is often overlooked when updating mobile homes is the flooring.

Old, stained carpet and faded, peeling linoleum are not just unsightly, they can also be hazardous. Beneath the old carpet and linoleum could be mold, created from spills long ago. Updating this flooring will give you an opportunity to check for mold and improve the appearance of your home.

Since mobile home rooms are smaller than most rooms, nicer flooring options will not be as expensive. This includes upgrading your carpet, installing wood flooring, or tile.

Now for the kitchen. If you decide to update appliances or fixtures, make sure they are made for mobile homes. These are often lighter and will fit into your home’s specifications better.

If you don’t like your laminate countertops, you don’t have to install new counters. Simply coat in primer and paint them your desired color! Make sure you buy a satin finish or scrubbable paint, or when you wash your counters you will wash the paint treatment off!

Mobile home cabinets are notorious for being made of cheap materials. It is almost impossible to find replacement pieces for repair, so if you have the budget to replace damaged cabinets with nicer new ones, it is definitely worth the effort. If not, painting your cabinets and updating the hardware can make a huge improvement.


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