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Modern Man: From Lynx Body Spray to Moisturising

  • By Emily Inglis
  • Published 06/29/2012

Over the last couple of decades, it is a fact that the average man now tends to spend far more time in looking after themselves. From buying products like Lynx body spray and brand name moisturisers, the modern man has tended to follow the ladies and really wants to take a pride in their image and appearance.

Of course, how you smell is perhaps at the top of the list of priorities for guys. What on earth could be worse than acquiring a reputation as someone who is known to smell of body odour? With this in mind, many men nowadays want to make sure they use a deodorant that will really work and leave them smelling good. One such product is Lynx body spray.

The men have also become as paranoid an women when it comes to aging and keeping those wrinkles at bay. Unfortunately, gone are the days when men could be considered as distinguished when they get older. Magazines and the media have produced a society that is becoming increasingly ageist and this really is a shame!

Men will now start to use moisturisers from when they are in their thirties – some may even do so in their twenties – as they want to stay looking as young as they can for longer.

Then, of course, you have all of the hair products on the market today. From waxes and gels, to hair-straighteners, men have definitely become as vain as the ladies now, in fact, often they can be even worse.

It is highly unlikely that this trend is going to be put into reverse in the future. The modern man is so much more concerned with their image and appearance and you can usually see that each new generation seems to be getting worse.

About the Author: Emily Inglis is writing about the Lynx body spray



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