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Moleskine Folio Printable Paper


Moleskine Folio Professional Printable Paper for Inkjet and Laser Printers

Back in May when I attended the National Stationery Show, I came across lots of new products from Moleskine, including this Moleskine Folio Professional Printable Paper (via Amazon) for Inkjet and Laser Printers.   In this review we will take a look at how it compares to standard printer paper when used with an inkjet printer because in all honesty I don’t think I’ve ever had problems finding paper that works well with laser printers.  The Moleskine Folio Printable Paper is 100g ivory paper with rounded edges, and it comes in the above pictured package of 50 sheets.


Inkjet Printing Sample on Standard Printer Paper

The first scan you see above is of the first page of their press release announcing the Folio Professional line, and it is printed on standard printer paper.  Below you will see the same page of the press release printed using the Moleskine Folio Professional Printable Paper.  Click on each photo and you should be able to see a noticeable difference between the two,and for the record these were scanned and printed using my Epson Artisan 800 Series which I REALLY like.  I found that the printed images on the Moleskine Folio Printable Paper actually showed more white gaps where the paper was showing through, especially in the images of the black covers where the black on white/ivory can be much more noticeable.  When it came to the text, the text didn’t suffer the same spotty appearance, however it did however show up fuzzier than that on the standard printer paper.


Inkjet Printing Sample on the Moleskine Folio Professional Printer Paper

There have been plenty reports of Moleskine paper not handling lots of different inks well, so I can’t say that the performance here was a surprise, however I would have expected better testing on their end to see how well this stuff really worked since they advertise it being for inkjets as well as laser printers.  My guess is that it will print just fine with laser printers since they tend to print well on almost any medium.  One last scan below shows a zoomed in side by side comparison of the same two sections of the press release.  For the record, when I printed the sheets of paper I was very careful to make sure the settings were the same, I printed with the setting for “plain white” paper with “images and text” and alternated the Moleskine Folio Printable Paper with regular paper and printed 4 copies.  Both of the standard pages and both of the Moleskine pages were consistently good/bad when compared to each other.


Moleskine Folio Printable Paper (left) vs Regular Printer Paper (right)

You really don’t even have to click on the image above to see the difference, you can see the grainy look on the black covers pretty easily.  Go ahead and click on the picture though for the larger view and you will really see the difference between printing on the Moleskine Folio Printable Paper and your run of the mill every day paper.  I selected this portion of the press release because it incorporated text, photography, and also straight lines to compare, and you can see that they all have their issues on the Moleskine paper.  Maybe this paper is good, but is really better suited for a laser printer, or less important things using an inkjet printer.  I don’t know who would spend about $11 per pack for 50 sheets to print something less important.  Visually its nice looking paper though, the ivory color and rounded edges give it a slightly nicer look than regular paper, but I like to actually print on my paper rather than just look at it.  Personally I’d skip ever buying the Moleskine Folio Printable Paper until they find a way to improve the paper quality.

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