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Moleskine Folio Professional Filers


Moleskine Folio Professional Filers

Sometimes when I buy a new product to try out and review I find myself thinking “Really?  I’m going to review THAT?” and that is exactly what went through my head after I bought this package of three Moleskine Folio Professional Filers (also available in black, pink, and purple) from Amazon.


Moleskine Folio Professional Filer with 3 Different Tab Lengths

These Moleskine Filers folders measure about 11.9″ x 9.7″ so they will fit your standard 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper with no problem.  They also have a slightly scored line near the center fold that allows you to make an additional fold that will let you neatly store a thicker 1/2″ stack of papers inside.  The outside cover of the folder is made from that familiar faux leather material that has an appealing texture and feel to it.  The tabs on each Moleskine Filer folder extend approximately 5/8″ beyond the straight edge of the colored body of the folder, leaving an eggshell colored space exposed for you to label your folder.  The length of the first tab is about 3 5/8″ at its shortest point, and the length of the middle tab pictured above is 7 5/8″ at its shortest point.  Obviously the “tab” on the third file is more than just a tab, as it runs the full length of the Moleskine folder.


Inside the Moleskine Folio Professional Filers

The inside front cover of the Moleskine folder has the same “In case of loss, please return to” and “As a rewrd $:” text that you will find on the inside of their journals and notebooks.  These folders definitely have a heft and weight advantage over their peers such as a standard manila folder, plus they come in this fantastic bright yellow/orange color which makes me happy.  I’ve been pretty rough on some Moleskine products in the past, but I can say with confidence that these Moleskine Folio Professional Filers are some pretty nice folders and having them available in some nice bright colors certainly doesnt hurt either.

P.S. – I hope everyone has a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving, and make sure you come back on Friday or Monday to check out the big holiday giveaway I’ve got planned.

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