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Moleskine Highlighter Pencil Set Review


Moleskine Highlighter Pencil Orange Uncapped

Today we have some Moleskine Highlighter Pencils to take a look at, which I am pretty sure are recent additions to the Moleskine line.  I don’t remember seeing them until recently, but I could be wrong.  The set consists of two pencils with one cap and a sharpener, as well as some small stickers that can be put on the top of the cap or the long flat side of the body.  You wont see the stickers pictured in this review because to be honest, I lost them…I think I may have actually thrown them out by mistake.


Moleskine Highlighter Pencil Orange Capped

You may have picked up on the fact that I said in the opening paragraph that this set of Moleskine Highlighter Pencils comes with ONE cap…yes, a set of two highlighter pencils with only one cap to be shared between the two of them.  Now sure, these are pencils so they aren’t going to dry out on you so you don’t really NEED a cap, but still.  I mean why cheap out and only include one cap?  Personally I found that to be really annoying because if you are putting these in a bag to carry around with you, you can almost bet that the tip is going to break off or get damaged.


Moleskine Highlighter Pencil Set

The set comes with one orange and one yellow highlighter pencil as well as a sharpener.  The sharpener worked surprisingly well, but unfortunately I found myself sharpening them a little more frequently than I would have hoped as the led seems to be a bit on the soft side and gets blunt pretty quickly.  I also found the yellow highlighter pencil to be way too light in color to really draw attention to anything that you might be highlighting.  The orange was a bit brighter and definitely better suited for highlighting.  For the most part I was left with a pretty lukewarm feeling on these Moleskine Highlighter Pencils due to their soft lead, washed out coloring and one shared cap…other than that they do look kind of cool and stylish, but that isn’t my main criteria in buying a highlighter.

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