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Moleskine Index Cards: Professional Memo Cards


Moleskine Professional Memo Cards pack of 20

I first saw these Moleskine Professional Memo Cards at the National Stationery Show earlier this year.  Recently I was able to get my hands on a pck of them from Amazon.  These are one of the many new items from Moleskine that I referred to in our last newsletter (sign up for it here if you have not already) that I’ve got lined up to review.  I also decided that I should get going on my index card reviews when I recently read Brad’s nice gridded index card review over at the PenAddict the other day so I could mix it up from the usual pen and notebook reviews.


The Moleskine Professional Memo Cards in their Protective Folder

The Moleskine Index Cards come in a pack of 20.  You get 10 of the Moleskine ruled index cards and 10 of the Moleskine gridded index cards.  The cards measure 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ (sightly bigger than standard index cards) and are made from sturdy 200g ivory paper with pale gray lines.  Personally I think that the contrast of the ivory paper and light gray lines make a very visually appealing and easy on the eyes surface to write on.  Part of the visual appeal is created by the soft rounded corners of each index card.  They come in a black folder that is made of a similar weight card stock as the index cards themselves.  It is definitely not the same as the material used on the covers of Moleskine journals.


Moleskine Professional Memo Cards Writing Samples

Writing on these Moleskine Index Cards proved to be a pretty nice experience.  All of the pens I used including a Lamy Studio with Extra Fine Nib and Sailor Blue Black Ink wrote very nicely.  There was no bleeding, feathering, or show through on the Moleskine index cards at all.   I will say that as you can tell from the writing sample on the gridded index card above, the dry time on these is not ideal.  This can especially be a problem for left handed writers.

Summary of the Moleskine Index Cards

Unfortunately these Moleskine Index Cards are not cheap.  If price is not an issue they are quite nice to write on and even nicer to look at.  I’ve found their products to be a bit hit or miss before but the quality of these definitely impress me as compared to some of their other products I’ve written on in the past.  Keep in mind that these index cards are slightly larger than the standard ones you might be used to that measure about half an inch shorter in length and width.  I’ve got more Moleskine products coming up for review so be sure to check back over the next few weeks for them.

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