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Moleskine Mini Daily Planner Review


The Moleskine Mini Daily Planner

I found these tiny Moleskine Mini Daily Planners a few weeks ago on Amazon, and based on the reviews I was curious to get my hands on one myself.  The general theme of the reviews I read was that because of the thickness, it was difficult to open them up and actually write in the pages.


The Moleskine Mini Daily Planner with a Quarter for Size Comparison

As you can see from this picture, the Moleskine Mini Daily Planner is small in terms of its footprint, however because of the fact that it has a page per day layout it is also quite thick.  The actual measurements on this are 3.4″ x 2.8″ x 0.9″, which is kind of impressive when you think about it since it is basically 400 pages sandwiched between a substantial front and back hard cover.  You might question the weight and quality of 400 pages of paper that together end up being less than an inch thick.


Moleskine Mini Daily Planner Monthly Pages

In the front of this mini planner, you will find some of the standard fare that you find in other planners such as a page for your personal information, a full page 2012 calendar, some monthly calendar pages, and a few pages detailing out some major holidays for about 50 different countries.  Personally I think the boxes on the monthly pages here are pretty hard to work with unless you have some minor things to track that you can do some serious abbreviations or coding for since each box is only about 3/4″ square.


Moleskine Mini Daily Planner Pages Inside

The meat of the Moleskine Mini Daily planner is made up of some pretty barren real estate that have the following elements on printed on each page:

  • Day of the week
  • Date
  • Month
  • Temperature and Weather Icons
  • Cumulative week count

And then there is the rest….


Back Pocket of the Moleskine Mini Daily Planner

Just like most other planners and journals, this one also has some blank note pages and a inside pocket in the back.  Again, just using the quarter to drive home the overall size of this mini planner.  Two other things that you can obviously see from the picture which are pretty standard are the elastic closer and ribbon bookmark.


The Moleskine Mini Daily Planner With a Writing Sample Using the Pilot G2

Writing inside the Moleskine Mini Daily Planner reminded me why I tend to steer clear of their journals and planners.  Using a Pilot G2 (review here) I started to jot down some notes on the planner pages.  Besides the fact that you can see that the ribbon bookmark was actually glued to the page and has some paper stuck to it, you can also see some in transfer to the previous page.  On a positive note, I did not experience any issues that other reviewers on Amazon mentioned in regards to having an issue writing in the planner because of its thickness.  I was able to open and flatten the pages to a point where it was fairly easy to write.


Moleskine Mini Daily Planner Writing Sample Pilot G2 Show Through

The real deal breaker for me though is what you see in the above picture.  The show through is pretty awful, and I did try this with more than just the Pilot G2, all with similar results.  I just cant fathom how someone would be able to tolerate the excessive show through that you get with these journals and planners.  If you really insist on buying one of the Moleskine Mini Daily Planners, you should at least plan on using a pencil because although it still shows through, its not AS horrible.

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