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Moleskine Portfolios Pocket Sized and Extra Small


Moleskine Portfolios Pocket Sized and XS

Today we are looking at the Moleskine Pocket Portfolio in Magenta and the Moleskine Extra Small Portfolio in Oxide Green.  These are basically hard cover accordion-type folders with elastic closures that have the same look and feel as a standard Moleskine journal.

Moleskine Portfolio Pocket Sized Open

The larger Moleskine Pocket Size Portfolio measures about 3.5″ x 5.5″ and is about .75″ thick.  Inside the magenta hard cover there are 6 pockets in the accordion folder that can hold items up to the size of a standard index card.  The top edge of each divider has a notch cut out so that you can easily flip through the divides, and the top outside edges have a color coordinated ribbon to reinforce the folded portions of the portfolio.  I like this one the best because I often find myself jotting to-do items down on index cards, so this is a great place to store them either by category or by day to help me be more productive and not forget things.

If you click on the photo, you can also see that Moleskine is making a push to have the labels for their product be multi-purpose.  There are 5 little cards that you can cut out that have spaces for you to fill out your name and general contact info, like mini business cards.  Not a bad idea I guess, but I wonder how many people will actually use these.

Moleskine Portfolio XS Open

The Molesking Extra Small Portfolio in Oxide Green measures 4.25″ x 2.5″ and is about 1/2″ thick.  The inside of this version has 2 divided folders inside that are the perfect size for holding a few business cards, credit cards, or receipts.  This size also has the reverse of the label formatted so that there are three little contact cards you can cut out to use.  I think this one might be good to store all of those credit cards and rewards cards that you really don’t need to have in your wallet every time you go out.

The Moleskine Portfolio Pocket Sized and Extra Small with Index Cards and Business Cards

Both the Moleskine Pocket Portfolio in Magenta and the Moleskine Extra Small Portfolio in Oxide Green come in various other colors, so these are just representative samples.  Overall these  Moleskine portfolios seem to be solidly constructed and great little organizational tools.

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