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Moleskine Roller Pen


The Moleskine Roller Pen

This Moleskine Roller Pen (Fine – .5mm) was sent over for review courtesy of the good folks at Jetpens.  I was hesitant myself to pick one of these up so it was a nice surprise from them so I could check it out and review it here.


Moleskine Roller Pen Clipped on Notebook

So the main draw of this offering from Moleskine is that it is designed to clip onto the cover of any notebook similar to the flexible cover Moleskine notebooks.  The super thin clip and the body which shares rounded corners just like many soft cover notebooks help to streamline the pen so it lays flat and smooth against the notebook cover.


Moleskine Roller Pen Cap

Above is a better look at the shape of the pen and a closer look at how thin the clip is.  Obviously the incredibly thin clip easily slips onto the cover without causing the cover to warp any.  The body takes the same shape that you see from the front view of the cap.  It is mostly a rectangular shape with rounded corners.  It is also worth noting that the entire body has a matte black finish, with a plastic cap and body, and metal clip.


Moleskine Roller Pen Parts

The parts of the Moleskine Roller Pen are pretty interesting.  There is a rounded refill tube that goes into the very slim rectangular body of the pen, which makes for an awkward and tight fit sometimes if you dont line it up perfectly.  The back cap of the pen that twists onto the body is also rectangular which makes it a bit awkward and uncomfortable to twist open and closed if you want to refill the pen.  Taking the refill in and out a few times proved to be a bit difficult, I managed to get the refill stuck a few times and needed to bang the body of the pen to jostle the refill free from the tight inside quarters of the body.  Obviously you wont be refilling the pen on a daily basis, however it is worth nothing that the process is kind of annoying.


Moleskine Roller Pen Stickers

Another interesting thing about the pen is that it comes with 24 uniquely designed stickers that you can use to decorate and customize the body of the pen.  The stickers all have different patterns and are Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red, and Brown.  I chose to stick one of the stickers on the clip, cap, and back of the pen, and they do add a nice decorative touch that make for nice little accents.


Moleskine Roller Pen Writing Sample

Overall I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of in and the writing experience with the Moleskine Roller Pen.  The ink flowed very smoothly, and there was absolutely no skipping or bleeding in the entire time I used the pen.  My only real issue was the fact that the wide and flat rectangular shape of the pen was not the most comfortable to write with.  In general my personal writing style and comfort level does not work well with flat pens like this, and I need round bodied grips to be truly comfortable.  I was fine when it came to short spurts of writing with it, but I certainly could not partake in any extended writing sessions without some serious discomfort.  For the most part, this is a nice writing pen with unique features, however the lack of comfort, and the bothersome refill situation make the Moleskine Roller Pen (Fine – .5mm) a no-go for me, but you might find otherwise.

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