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Moleskine Toy Story Limited Edition Journals and the Monthly Giveaway Winner

Today we have our monthly giveaway winner to announce, but first, something really cool to share.  I’ve always loved the movie Toy Story, particularly Buzz Lightyear and I have no problem admitting this as a grown adult.  With that said, I was pretty excited to see these brand new Moleskine Toy Story limited edition journals (via Amazon).

As usual,  there is pretty cool video put together to announce the Moleskine Toy Story limited edition journals.  Its pretty easy to see why the Moleskine name is so much more recognized than some higher quality journals, branding and marketing dollars make a heck of a difference.

One interesting thing I noticed in the promotional pictures from the Moleskine website was the new addition of a box with these.  In the past, all of the Moleskine limited edition journals just came with clear shrink wrap around them.  The Moleskine Toy Story journals though seem to come in a branded box with the Toy Story character artwork on them too.  These look kind of similar to what the folks at Baron Fig do with their journals, its a nice extra touch.

A look at the actual Moleskine Toy Story journals:

Here is a closer look at the covers for two of the Moleskine Toy Story limited edition journals.  The characters are kind of drawn out with a crayon type look to them.  I’m on the fence about this as I would really have loved it if it was more of a realistic looking rendition of the characters, but its still pretty cool.  I like how they included the little extra touch of having Andy’s name written on the bottom of the feet of each character.  The insides of the covers also have some Toy Story related imagery on them, and from the smaller pictures I’ve seen so far it appears to be different on each journal, just how the covers are different for each.  I also have to assume that they come with some sort of stickers inside too as with all of the previous versions of the limited edition Moleskine journals I’ve seen to date.

I’m hoping to see all of them up close at the Stationery show in May, but I also placed an order a few days ago as they were available for pre-order.  It looks like they won’t ship until mid April though, so if you are as big a fan as I am, you can also pre-order your very own Moleskine Toy Story journal from Amazon too.


Now for the monthly Goldspot fountain pen prize package giveaway winner.  This month’s (well technically last month) winner is Mallory Hardy, so if that’s you, just click here for our contact form and get in touch so we can coordinate getting you your prize package!

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