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Moleskine TwoGo Notebook Review


Today we will take a look at the Moleskine Two-Go notebook that has both ruled and plain pages within the notebook.  For some reason this cover is listed as being “Saxe Blue” but for the life of me  I have an incredibly hard time getting past calling it grey.  At best I can see it might be charcoal grey with the slightest hint of blue, but anyway I actually like the color, just pointing out not to expect anything remotely close to blue if you order this.  Speaking of which, its available in this color and some others here via Amazon if you so wish.


The cover of the Moleskine Two-Go is a cottony canvass-like material that offers a nice tactile feel, while still not being at all blue. 🙂  I’ve got to work on these close up pictures with my new camera, but I have a dedicated macro lens on the way so fingers crossed for better pictures in the next review.


This not at all blue Moleskine Two-Go measures 4.5″ x 6.9″ and has 144 pages of 100 g/m2 acid free paper of typical Moleskine quality.  The paper itself is a subtle ivory with no hints of blue there either.  And on the 50% of the pages that are ruled, they have grey (still no blue) lines to keep your writing on track.


Personally I’m a big fan of all things orange, even if its orange with no hints of blue…well I mean especially if its orange with no hints of blue because that sounds like it would be more of a purple-ish brown to me.  But honestly, I really love the contrast of the GREY against the orange here.  Typical inside of a Moleskine though, space for documenting personal information and a return reward if your non-blue notebook is lost.


More standard Moleskine style on the back inside cover.  Its a nicely constructed pocket with ribbon binding on the sides that give the non-blue pocket a little bit of added strength.  Even my Uni-Jetstream multi pen is hiding its blue ink plunger here in protest of the lack of actual blue found in this notebook.

Here is the inside of this anything BUT blue Moleskine Two-Go notebook, where you can see the ruled page on the right and the blank page on the left.  I do like this concept because in my case it gives me just as much space for taking serious meeting notes as it does for doodling pictures while I’m not paying attention.


If I was going to change anything about this notebook, it would be what you see in this picture above.  On the left you have a dark blue page finder ribbon, and on the right you have a light blue page finder ribbon, I’d probably make them red and orange.  Also, in all seriousness I think it would make more sense if one of these ribbons was bound at the bottom of the notebook.  This would give you the ability to use the Moleskine Two-Go in a more creative way.  You could open it from the front the “right way” using the ruled pages on your right, then open it from the back which would reposition the blank pages to be on your right side.  Having one of the blue page markers attached at the bottom would serve as an indicator as to which side you were on, but also be better positioned for using the notebook like that.


For the most part I was actually surprised by how writing with a fountain pen in this particular Moleskine went.  There was no really noticeable feathering, but I just chalk that up to some inconsistencies with the paper, sometimes even something known for being bad can have a good day. In retrospect I probably should have used something other than just blue ink for these writing samples, but hey, hindsight and whatever that saying is, right?  What I didn’t like was even though the paper here is 100 g/m2, there was still enough show through on the back of the page with the fountain pen, Pilot Precise, Sharpie Pen, and Pilot G2 that it was annoying to write on both sides. With that said, if you don’t care about showthrough and want a notebook that isn’t at all blue but has pages with dual formatting, this non-blue Moleskine is definitely for you.  Check it out here via Amazon.

©2017, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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